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Titolo: NFNA Regia Marina
Inserito da: Zyzzo - 01 Agosto 2013, 10:40:56
Ciao Ragazzi,
mi presento, sono Zyzzo Fleet Leader della Regia Marina su Navyfield North America.
Visto le recenti tristi notizie riguardanti NFEU, volevo solo dirvi che se a qualcuno interessa ancora Navyfield come gioco, noi siamo attivi da ormai 4-5 anni sul server americano. Seppur in questo periodo di ferie non molto partecipi, solitamente siamo in un discreto numero e con buone qualità.
se mai qualcuno di voi volesse continuare a giocare NF, sul server NA ci potete trovare su questo forum:

se avete dubbi o domande di cosa cambia con il server NA non esitate a chiedere!!!

Buongame a tutti!
Titolo: Re:NFNA Regia Marina
Inserito da: BilL - 01 Agosto 2013, 15:08:32
Ciao Zyzzo benvenuto sul forum,
non ho seguito le comunicazioni su navyfield, cosa vogliono fare chiudere i server ?

a presto
Titolo: Re:NFNA Regia Marina
Inserito da: Zyzzo - 01 Agosto 2013, 15:26:26
Ciao BilL,
grazie per il benvenuto, ieri sembra che sia stato annunciato dal boss di NFEU...doveva capitare prima o poi....speriamo che NA regga ancora un pochino!

Dear NFEU community,

Many years have passed – years in which we fought millions of battles and watched millions of iron behemoths sink to the ground, burying brave soldiers in watery graves.

After 6 years, the time has come for NavyField Europe to close its gates, no matter how hard this decision has been on us. On 31st October 2013 we will close down the NavyField Europe service and from that day on it won’t be possible anymore to play NavyField Europe.

Right now we are working on several things to make the last weeks of NavyField worthwhile for you. Of course the things will be taking place on top of our Hot Summer Events and perhaps we might increase the EXP boost until the very end.

We still have to think of a solution for the item shop and how to modify it. We will provide more news about this later.

We would like to thank you all for your loyalty and support. Even though some things didn’t turn out as intended, we always worked together to find the best possible solution everyone could be satisfied with.

Furthermore, we want to thank you all for your patience during incidents like the H44-Armaments. We tried everything in order to provide an ideal solution. In some cases it was not possible to find a quick solution, yet we always came up with the right solution eventually.

Many thanks to our PMG and TeamNF volunteers, who always worked day and night in order to take care of NavyField with us, to give you the best support and to improve the game.

Even though the NavyField Europe Server will be shut down on 31st October 2013, we hope to be able to provide you access to NavyField 2 via We sincerely hope that NavyField 2 will excite you as much as NavyField did and you will experience the same enthusiasm whilst playing.


The eFusion MMOG Team
Titolo: Re:NFNA Regia Marina
Inserito da: BilL - 01 Agosto 2013, 18:50:04
era solo questione di tempo, grazie per i saluti :D